Ahmed Akbar Sobhan Biography

  • Name: Ahmed Akbar Sobhan
  • Other Name: Shah Alam
  • Date of Birth: 15 February 1952
  • Age: 66 Years
  • Place of Birth: Bancharampur, Upazila Chittagong Bangladesh
  • Place of Residence: Bashundhara R/A, Baridhara, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Profession: Chairman at Bashundhara Group
  • Years in Profession: 1978 to Present
  • Spouse: Afroza Begum
  • Childrens: 4

For what he is Legend?

Ahmed Akbar Sobhan (conceived on 15 February 1952), is a Bangladeshi business head tycoon in the Bangladesh business community. Ahmed Akbar Sobhan is an extraordinary name on the list of successful people in Bangladesh. He is a standout amongst the best Bangladeshi business magnates who is incredibly associated with Bashundhara Group.

Ahmed Akbar Sobhan is Chairman of “Bashundhara Group”

On the off chance that you are thinking about the association between Ahmed Akbar Sobhan and the Bashundhara Group then you should realize that he is the Chairman of the business combination “Bashundhara Group”. He is the executive of the business combinations Bashundhara Group. He established Bashundhara Group, which is working in different lines of exercises including real estate, paper assembling, paper and unified items, steel items, LP Gas, Shopping Complex, nearby and international trading.

Career as Business Professional of Ahmed Akbar Sobhan

Mr. Sobhan is exceptionally fruitful in his business profession. In the time of 1978, Mr. Sobhan first began business ventures by the field of administration segment alongside his business exchanging the local front. In his first business, he was extraordinary and this was the beginning of his fruitful business life. The journey of the Group was begun with the foundation of its mom organization in the form of East West Property Development (Pvt) Ltd. Following a couple of days the gathering gets mainstream and after that, it is known as “Bashundhara Housing”. Since its commencement and up to this point, it is keeping up the nature of its administration and additionally the trust of its objective gathering.

Starting of East West Property Development (Pvt) Ltd.

In 1978, Sobhan began the East West Property Development (Pvt) Ltd., now known as Bashundhara Housing. He right now drives gathering of undertakings comprising of about three dozen medium to large ventures steel and designing, paper, tissue, bond, LP Gas, sanitary napkin, multi-paper, dredging, transportation, food, and drink, galvanized iron pipe and so forth.

Ahmed Akbar Sobhan is A Successful Businessman 

Point demonstrates the goal to a man and for Mr. Sobhan it is likewise valid. His point and his fantasy made him an effective individual in his business life. The undistorted point, total uprightness, tolerance and untiring endeavors are the mysteries of Mr. Sobhan’s unhindered achievement. Regardless of numerous difficulties and good and bad times, he has turned into the father of a mammoth in a gathering of endeavors.

Facing of Every Up and Down in the Business

He never gets strained about any up and down points and he generally trusts that there is a sun behind every night. It mostly cause him to assemble his group and furthermore to assume it in this position. These ventures have added to chop down the reliance of Bangladesh on import of its secured areas essentially. Under his capable initiative throughout the years, Bashundhara Group has effectively actualized an all-around composed corporate administration structure with unmistakably characterized obligations and appointment of expert for venture usage monitoring responsibility. Presently by his exertion the gathering has resulted in these present circumstances put as the greatest business amass in a nation like Bangladesh.

Ahmed Akbar Sobhan Career as a Social Worker

Sobhan embraced diverse advancement undertakings for the business group under the scope of corporate social obligation. His social obligations regularly rise above outskirts. He is additionally effectively connected with different socio-social and compassionate exercises for the improvement of the general public and additionally of the average people.

As an Honorary Council

Sobhan is an Honorary Consul of the Republic of Ukraine in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh since July 2006.

Educational Initiatives of Ahmed Akbar Sobhan

Education and Training is the foundation of a country and his industrial group has an incredible take an interest in education system yet for the instructive capability and life of Ahmed Akbar Sobhan, you should realize that he was conceived in Islampur of old Dhaka City zone. He is the most youthful child of Alhaj Abdus Sobhan.

Career as a Legal Counselor

He was an awesome legal counselor at Dhaka High Court and he was likewise an incredible legal advisor of Umme Kulsum.

Family Background and Education Profile

He has a sibling and four sisters and hails from a recognized family. He has finished his graduation from the University of Dhaka. His part of the study was Business or Business Studies. His understudy life was awesome and he was extremely an extraordinary understudy in his workforce. His area of expertise was exceptionally satisfied with his victories. Other than his research work, he was likewise great at other educational modules exercises as he was a sportsman and one of the fittest in his group. He got his college degree from the University of Dhaka.

About Bashundhara Group

Bashundhara Group is one of the biggest industrial business ventures of Bangladesh. It started in 1987 as a real estate organization venture under the name East West Property Development Ltd (EWPD). The primary venture of EWPD ended up being exceptionally effective. After at that point, the organization became rapidly. It by and by possesses in excess of 20 noteworthy concerns situated all through Bangladesh.

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History of Bashundhara Group

Bashundhara Group (established by Ahmed Akbar Sobhan and present Chairman) started in 1987 as land and real estate venture. Shafiat Sobhan Sanvir is the Vice Chairman of Bashundhara Group. After its first fruitful task, Bashundhara put resources into new fields, including assembling, manufacturing industry, and exchanging. More undertakings were built up in the mid of 1990s, these included concrete, paper, pulp, tissue paper and steel production, and additionally LP Gas packaging and conveyance. Court orders Bashundhara Group authorities to surrender Bashundhara director sued for ‘extortion’ Bashundhara got consent from Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority to set up two particular financial zones in Keraniganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Bashundhara City

Bashundhara City is the second-biggest shopping center of Bangladesh. Development of the shopping center started in 1998, Mohammad Foyes Ullah and Mustapha Khalid Palash of Vistaara outlined the building. Opened to people in general on 6 August 2004, the shopping center is situated at Panthapath, close Karwan Bazar, in Dhaka city and expenses over $100 million to finish. Bashundhara City is 21 stories tall, of which 8 are utilized for the shopping center, which houses several Bangladeshi mold houses and Jewelry shops, and in addition around 100 food outlets which offer nourishments like French fries, burgers, browned chicken and so on.

Media Houses

Bashundhara Group is extending its business in different divisions began from real estate part to steel industry. In 2009, they began another venture, East West Media Group Ltd. It presently claims four major media places of Bangladesh, to be specific, 1 Television station, 1 FM radio station, 1 online daily paper and 3 other print media distributions. Kaler Kantho and The Daily Bangladesh Pratidin are its Bengali national day by day daily papers. The English daily paper is claims named Daily Sun (Bangladesh). The online daily paper is claims named banglanews24.com in English and Bengali. News24 is the Television station of EWMGL while Radio Capital is its exclusive FM radio station.

Major Concerns under Bashundhara Project

Bashundhara Group has now following major concerns which operate around the country:

  • East West Property Development (Pvt) Limited
  • Meghna Cement Mills Limited
  • Bashundhara Paper Mills Limited
  • Bashundhara LP Gas Limited
  • Bashundhara City Development Limited
  • Bashundhara Steel Complex Limited
  • Bashundhara Industrial Complex Limited
  • Bashundhara Steel And Engineering Limited
  • Bashundhara Logistics Limited
  • Bashundhara Foundation
  • Bashundhara Convention Center
  • Bashundhara Dredging Company Limited
  • Bashundhara Technical Institute
  • Bashundhara Telecommunications Network Limited
  • Bashundhara Food and Beverage industries Limited
  • Sundarban Industrial Complex Limited
  • Bashundhara Cement Industries Limited
  • East West Media Group
  • Social Islami Bank Limited
  • Bashundhara Kings
  • Rangpur Riders
  • Kebab Turki Baba Rafi (Bangladesh)

Meghna Cement Mills Ltd. is a member of the Bangladesh Cement Manufacturers Association.

As a Chairman of different Concerns

Mr. Ahmed Akbar Sobhan is a Chairman at Bashundhara Paper Mill Ltd., a Chairman at Bashundhara Group, a Chairman at Bashundhara Airways Ltd., a Chairman at Bashundhara City Development Ltd., a Chairman at Bashundhara Dredging Co. Ltd., a Chairman at Bashundhara Fine Paper Ltd., a Chairman at Bashundhara Foundation, a Chairman at Bashundhara Pulp and Board Mills Ltd., a Chairman at East West Property Development Pvt Ltd., a Chairman at Meghna Cement Mills Ltd., a Member at Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a Member at Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry, a Member at International Chamber of Commerce Bangladesh and a Member at Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh.

As a Member of Board of Directors

He is on the Board of Directors at Bashundhara Cement Industries Ltd., Bashundhara Food and Beverage Industries Ltd., Bashundhara Horticulture Ltd., Bashundhara Industrial Complex Ltd., Bashundhara Lp Gas Ltd., Bashundhara Multi Paper Industries Ltd., Bashundhara Steel and Engineering Ltd., Dhaka Multi Agricultural Complex Ltd. what’s more, East West Media Group Ltd. Mr. Sobhan was already utilized as a President by Bangladesh Cement Manufacturers Association, a President by Bangladesh Land Developers Association, and a President by Bangladesh Paper Mills Association.

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