Aly Zaker Biography, Born, Age, Height, Facts, Family & News

  • Name: Aly Zaker
  • Date of Birth: Born on 6 November 1944 at Chittagong, Bengal Presidency, British India
  • Current Age: 73 Years
  • Status: Actor, Businessman, and Director
  • Nationality: Bangladeshi
  • Alma Mater: University of Dhaka
  • Spouse: Sara Zaker
  • Children: Iresh Zaker, Sriya Sharbojoya
  • Parents: Muhammad Taher, Rezia Taher

Aly Zaker is Legend of Bangladesh?

An extremely well known on-screen actor of stage and TV and a famous theater executive Aly Zaker began his brilliant acting career through the performance in the show titled ‘Kabor’ by Muneer Chowdhury and arranged by Aranyak Natyadal in the year 1972, instantly after the freedom. Around the same time, he joined Nagarik Natya Samproday and later performed in the prima part in ‘Macbeth’ and ‘The Tempest’ y Shakespeare, ‘Dewan Gazir Kissa’ in view of ‘Mr Puntila and His Man Matti’ by Bertolt Brecht, ‘Galileo’, ‘Nuroldeener Sara Jeebon’ by Syed Shamsul Haque, ‘bidagdha Ramanikul’ in view of ‘Les Femmes savantes’ by Molière, ‘Ei Nishiddho Pollite’ in light of ‘Everything in the Garden’ by Edward Albee and some more.

First Appearance with “Baki Itihas”

Aly Zaker Bio, Aly Zaker Biography, Aly Zaker Born, Aly Zaker Age, Aly Zaker Height, Aly Zaker Facts, Aly Zaker Family ,Aly Zaker NewsHis first direction in front of an audience was the play ‘Baki Itihas’ by Badal Sarkar, which was arranged in 1973. This was the main ever appear, where tickets were sold. This was the brainchild of Azy Zaker. At this time, he is coordinating stage dramatization ‘Chhayanaut’ by Utpal Dutt. Aly Zaker performed in more than of three hundred shows on TV, all of which accomplished fortunate prevalence. He likewise acted in radio and silver screen.

Written and Directed Plays

He wrote and interpreted few plays for the stage. Likewise, he is skilled in unique plays and articles. Showing the same under the title ‘Balika’ took out popularity from each quarter, gathering. Afterward, an organized show of all photos in view of rural farmland. He composes regular articles in leading newspapers and hosts distinctive talkshow programs on various TV stations. Aly Zaker, the owner of exciting, examined the brilliant social life and additional conventional style in acting. Aside from being a performer, executive, CEO of advertisement firm, he is an effective coordinator and picture taker. For long 27 years, he captured towns, waterways, and nature.

Family of Aly Zaker

This capable innovative identity was born in Chittagong on 6th November 1944. In the family of two siblings and two sisters, Aly Zaker was born on 6 November 1944 in Chittagong, as the third youngster. Zaker is married to Sara Zaker is likewise a media identity, business visionary, and social extremist. Together they have two kids – Iresh Zaker and Sriya Sharbojoya. Both Iresh and Sriya are working in Asiatic Marketing Communications Limited as official chief and brand correspondence supervisor separately. While Sara Zaker is the appointee overseeing executive of the organization. His departed father Muhammad Taher was a higher government official. As a result of his dad’s transferable job, he spent his youth and puberty in various areas including Kushtia, Chittagong, Khulna, and Dhaka.

Education of Aly Zaker

He spent his scholastic life in KL Jubilee High School. Gendaria High School, Saint Gregory’s High School, Notre Dame College and Dhaka University. He began his expert profession with WS Crawfords Limited, a UK­based organization positioned in Karachi. Afterward, in 1968, he joined East Asiatic Advertising Limited and presented another idea of publicizing in the then Pakistan. Right now the Chairman of Asiatic 3sixty Group, Aly Zaker has developed his organisation as a standout amongst the best ones in Bangladesh.

Aly Zaker is the proud father of a child and a little girl. His wife Sara Zaker, additionally a renowned theater identity, is the Managing Director of Asiatic 3sixty Group. Both are Trustees of the Liberation War Museum. The honors Aly Zaker got are Ekushe Padak, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Award, Bangabandhu Award, ‘Pundits Circle of India Award, Sequence Award of Merit’ Awar, Muneer Chowdhury Award and some more.

Aly Zaker As Freedom Fighter

Aside from that he used to wander around various war fields, talked with freedom warriors there and used to educate the general population around the globe. This actor has another side of affection outside all including acting, directions, taking care of advertising firms and so forth., with a specific end goal to relax he looks for the town and green nature. He loves the movies of Aparna Sen exceptionally. Among Bangla films, he is fond with Pather Panchali, Charulata, Kanchanjanga, Kabuliwala, Meghe Dhaka Tara, Suborna Rekha and so on.

Member of Different Organizations

Preferences John Ford’s among foreign motion pictures.Peter Cook’s movies among the motion pictures of British producers. He is attached to Matir Moyna and Antarjatra of Tareque Masud. He gets a kick out of the chance to peruse articles generally, after that fiction. He is particularly enamored with English books of the writers of sub-continent. The books, he is attached to perusing over and over are Padma Nadir Majhi of Manik Bandopadhya, Nacher Putul, Etikatha. For bringing up youngsters he stresses flexibility. Authoritatively, Aly Zaker is an individual from one of the principle theater bunches Nagorik Natya Sampradaya, Vice President of International Theater Institute, Bangladesh Center, one of the individuals from Bangladesh War of Liberation Memorial Trust, Board of Trustee of the Museum, Member of the Board of Directors of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, and full Member of the Market Research Society of U.K.

Foreign Tours of Aly Zaker

He traveled abroad commonly for individual reasons and acting in dramas. He took an interest in three full-pledged theater workshops coordinated by various experts of U.K. Furthermore, U.S.A. Aside from that he took an interest in Berlin Theater Festival in 1974, voyaged U.K. as welcomed by British Council in 1980, and investigated American territorial theater and Theater School as welcomed by United States Information Center in the year 1985.

Aly Zaker Bio, Aly Zaker Biography, Aly Zaker Born, Aly Zaker Age, Aly Zaker Height, Aly Zaker Facts, Aly Zaker Family ,Aly Zaker News

Awards and Achievements

He got best Actor Award 1977 from Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Critics hover of India Award for commitments in the field of show 1984, for exceptional commitments in the field of stage dramatization Sequence Award of Merit prize 1984, Best Actor in Television Natya Sabha Prize 1988. Aside from that, he got awards as effective identity in dramatization world Kathakoli Prize 1989, Loka Natya Dal Medal of Honor 1987, Tarakalok Prize 1995, Best Character Actor in Television by the diary Jai Din, Bangladesh Film Journalist Award in 1997 as best TV performing artist. Aside from that, he got numerous more incalculable awards including Mahfuzullah and Jebunnesa Medal, Ekushey Medal, Medal of Honor in acknowledgment of work for the duration of the life, Munir Chowdhury Medal of Honor and so forth.

Awards of Aly Zaker

  • Ekushey Padak (1999)
  • Selim Al-Deen Padak (2017)
  • Shaheed Altaf Mahmud Padak (2017)

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