Bulbul Ahmed Biography

Nick Name: Bulbul Ahmed
Original Name: Tabarukk Ahmed
Date of Birth: September 4, 1940
Age: 69 Years
Place of Birth: Dhaka, East Bengal
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Alma Mater: Dhaka University
Profession: Actor, Director, Producer, and Banker
Spouse: Daisy Ahmed
Parent(s): Khalil Ahmed
Death: 15 July 2010 in Dhaka

Why Bulbul Ahmed is Legend of Bangladesh?

In the film industry of Dhallywood, some performing artist which has numerous splendid and to say they are going about as though the mind progress toward becoming fulfill rising. Truly, we are discussing Bulbul Ahmed, which turned into a major performer and director of Bangladesh. He was an extremely splendid, great looking male and to take a gander at exceptionally pleasant and he was a well-known on-screen character. He was a commercial performer in the film industry. He was a diligent performer. To heard his name the watchers just as to end up exceptionally energized for watching his silver screen. His first motion picture is Lye Korey Biya. In this motion picture, he was more effective. Additionally, his a few silver screens are Jibon Niye Jua, Devdas, Shimana Periye, Shesh Uttar, Dui Jibon etc. In film industry of Bangladesh, Bulbul Ahmed comes after as though achievement turned out to be consistently in the film. He has worked in numerous movies of various executives and makers as a performer.
Additionally, directors and makers were more fruitful to get him in BFDC. To every single Bangladeshi individual, he is the heart of brain to them. His prosperity and popularity are spread in all Bangladesh. He has an acting distinctive character in numerous films with numerous performers as Onjona, Bobita etc. Close as he has additionally worked with different on-screen characters Razzak, Joshim and so on.

Family Background of Bulbul Ahmed 

Bulbul Ahmed (1941-2010) on-screen actor full name Tabarruk Ahmed Bulbul, prevalently known as Bulbul Ahmed. Bulbul Ahmed was conceived on 4 September 1941 at Agamsi Lane in old Dhaka. His mom’s name Mosammat Moslema Begum, his dad Mohammad Khalil Ahmed, was a Deputy Secretary of Finance Department of the Government of East Pakistan. M Khalil Ahmed was a beginner on-screen character and Bulbul Ahmed acquired his dad’s enthusiasm for the show. He was a performer and also a director, known for Rajlokkhi Srikanto (1987), Shimana Periye (1977) and Bodhu Biday (1978). He was married to Daisy Ahmed.

Education of Bulbul Ahmed 

Bulbul Ahmed passed Matriculation examination in 1957 from Dhaka Collegiate School and Intermediate of Arts in 1959 from Dhaka College. He acquired BA degree from Notre Dame School in 1961 and MA degree in History from the University of Dhaka in 1963.
Career as a Banker
He also worked as banker. He worked with the UBL from 1965 to 1975.

Early Career of Bulbul Ahmed 

In his College life, Bulbul included himself with various regions of social activities. While an understudy of MC College, Sylhet, Bulbul acted in a play titled Chirakoomer Sabha. Bulbul drew his motivation through peeping at the practice of his dad Khalil Ahmed, who was an administration representative and an amateur performing artist. His mind-blowing performance drew consideration of the gathering of people. Ahmed’s acting career started with theater. In 1960 he joined a dramatization bunch called ‘Show Circle’ and performed in plays, for example, Oedipus and The Arms and the Man. Bulbul Ahmed started acting in Television in 1968. Around then as a performing artist, he passed by the name Bulbul Ahmed. He made his introduction on the little screen in 1968. His introduction film was Yea Kore Biye (1972), where he acted in a supporting part as Lebu. Bulbul left without anyone else travel as an on-screen character through stage show in 1965.

Performance in different Movies 

His enormous hop to prominence accompanied the movie Ye Korey Biye (1972) directed by Abdullah Usuf Imam. He acted in a minor character but watchers recognized him as an exceedingly encouraging performer. In the exceptionally following year, he found the opportunity to play out a principle part in the film Jibon Niye Jua. In this film, he made his situation in the electronic media a safe place. With his nice looking appearance and ability, Bulbul acted in the number one lead role in the film in view of a Bangla Literally classy exemplary, Devdas, by Saratchandra Chattopadhyaya. It was directed by Chashi Nazrul Islam. Alongside his various duties for acting in different movies and in front of an audience, Bulbul Ahmed both directed and performed in two movies, Rajlaksmi Shreekanta and Aakorsan.

Performance as Director and Actor

Both turned out to be commercially fruitful endeavors. Other than these two motion pictures he directed and acted in few movies like Wada, Bhalo Manus, Mohanayak, Garam Hawa, Kato Jey Aapan. A couple of the motion pictures Bulbul acted are Shes Uttar, Harano Manik, Sonar Horin, Surjo Konnya, Rupalee Shoikotey, Bodhu Bidaay and that’s just the beginning. His eminent dramatization is Shes Bikaler Meye, Baraph Gala Nadi, Arak Falgun, Idiot, Malavcha, Baradidi, Subha and Eisob Dinratri. His exhibitions in these motion pictures made him a family word in Bangladesh and even beyon.

Achievements in Different Movies 

Bulbul Ahmed got four National Film Awards in acknowledgment of his commitment to the film business. For example, the movie Seemana Periye (1977) directed by Alamgir Kabir, Bodhu Bidaay (1978) directed by Kazi Zahir, Shes Uttar (1980) directed by Azizur Rahman Buli and Deepu Number 2 (1996) directed by Morshedul Islam. Bulbul Ahmed’s directorial make a big appearance Rajlaksmi Shreekanta which released in 1987, won the national honor for heading.
Other than these, Bulbul was granted Zahir Raihan Film grant (1976), Bangladesh Film Journalistic Society grant (1980), National BACHSAS (Bangladesh Chalachitra Sangbadik Samity) Film grant (1982), Bangladesh Association of Los Angeles grant (1991), Tenshinus decoration (1992), Bangladesh Film Industry Society grant (1996), Fulcoli grant (2000), Cultural Reporter’s honor (2001), Eeshan Cultural Academy grant (2002), Television Audience grant (2004), Chitralee award. Close by his acting vocation, Bulbul Ahmed additionally worked in his initial life as a banker.

Death of  Bulbul Ahmed 

Bulbul Ahmed, the celebrity silver screen performing artist prominently known as Devdas, passed away on July 15, 2010, in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Oindrila Ahmed, a little girl of veteran performer Bulbul Ahmed is proceeding with her pledge to deliver innovative expressions committed to her late father.

Awards of Bulbul Ahmed 

National Film Award (1977) Best Actor Shimana Periye
National Film Award (1978) Best Actor Bodhu Bidaay
National Film Award (1980) Best Actor Shesh Uttar
National Film Award (1987) Best Director RajLaxmi Srikanto