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  • Name: Fakir Alamgir
  • Status: Folk Singer and Writer. Fakir Alamgir has been singing and writing from 1966 to this present date.
  • Date of Birth: 25th of February 1950 (currently 68 years old)

Why Fakir Alamgir is a Legend of Bangladesh?

Fakir Alamgir is a Bangladeshi singer who was born on the 25th of  February, 1950. He is popularly known as a Folk singer in is native home of Bangladesh. He has his own style of music which is the blend of a traditional folk song with western instruments. He has released many albums most of which have been immensely popular. Among his famous songs are O Sakhina, Shantahar, Nelson Mandela, Dr.Yunus, etc. He is also the founder of the cultural organization Wrishijo Shilpi Gosthi

Fakir Alamgir played a vital role in 1969’s Gono Abhbhutthan (a mass uprising) and became a singer of common folks. In the wake of the destruction and chaos of the Post Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971, he embraced the Gono Sangeet genre and made it into a major genre of music. The Gono Sangeet became inspirational songs for the masses, especially for those that had lost a loved one or their properties. His music was very soothing and comforting to the masses as it was mixed in his deep sense of creativity and also an inspiration to help lift the spirit of the masses. During the Liberation War, he joined Swadheen Bangla Betar Kendra as a Shobdo Shoinik (A soldier associating a war with his words)

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Fakir Alamgir worked on a lot of songs during this period but some of is more well-known songs were  “O Sokhina”, “Shantahar”, “Nelson Mandela”, “Naam Tar Chhilo John Henry” and “Banglar Comrade Bondhu”. Fakir Alamgir got recognized for his efforts by being awarded the Ekushey Padak in 1999 by the Government of Bangladesh.

CAREER of Fakir Alamgir

Fakir Alamgir started his music career at the tender age of 16, this was in the year 1966. Shortly after he started he became popular with a lot of fanfare, majorly due to his immense talent and empathy. He played his role as a singer in 1969 uprising in East Pakistan.

Fakir Alamgir went on to work with Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra during the Liberation War. It was prosperous collaboration in which both parties benefited.

Fakir Alamgir later went on to create and be the founder of the cultural organization “Wrishiz Shilpi Gosthi” in 1976. He also currently serves as the president of Gono Sangeet Shamanya Parishad (GSSP).

Writing has always been a passion of Fakir Alamgir, hence, Alamgir is also a writer, a successful one at that. He has published some books over the years. He went on to publish his first book Chena China in 1984. His next two publications were Muktijuddher Smriti Bijoyer Gaan and Gono Sangeeter Otit O Bortoman. In 2013 he published 3 books – Amar Kotha, Jara Achhen Hridoy Potey, and Smriti Alaponey Muktijuddho. All in all, he has authored a total of nine books.


Fakir Alamgir has firmly established himself as a living legend and a famous singer of the masses. His songs are an embodiment of the mass movements, struggles, and sufferings of the common people. Surely such songs as Iskul Khula Se Re Moula, O Sokuna Gasos Kina Bhila Amarey, and Ma-er akdher dudher dam are still mainstream among older generations and even some of the younger generations enjoy these songs. These songs have empathized and connected with the common people in a very deep sense, hence it has been etched into their memories.

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Fakir Alamgir is one of the very few people that has reached an unprecedented zenith in the Gono Sangeet (songs of the masses) genre. He is something of a living legend already.

Wrishijo Shilpo Goshthi organized a programme to celebrate the eventful 40 years of Fakir’s singing career at Bangladesh Shishu Academy Auditorium on July 30. The chief guest of the event noted singer Kalim Sarafi said, “Fakir Alamgir belongs to the masses. His songs speak of common people. His distinct style of presentation and the range of his voice are what attracts me.”

The well known and liked Director of TV, Antiqul Haque Chowdhury presided over the programme. The cultural personality Kamal Lohani was the special guest. Kamal Lohani said, “I can clearly remember Fakir rendering Gono Sangeet in various localities in Dhaka motivating the people to stand against all kinds of social injustice during the pre-Liberation era. Fakir’s tireless efforts through the course of 40 years to uphold the vibrancy of Gono Sangeet is commendable.”

Fakir Alamgir got talking about his long journey in the musical arena, Fakir said, “I embarked on my career as a singer of Gono Sangeet and I’m still continuing with this genre. However, because of increasing commercialization all around, our music is often turned into a commodity, losing its earthy appeal. It is high time we take initiatives against this trend and revive our heritage not just for our sake but for the sake of the new generation.”

Fakir then performed his widely popular songs such as Daam diye kinechhi Bangla and Iskul khuilachhey Rey maula. He also performed Abdur Rahman Bayati’s immortal song Mon Amar dehoghori.


On the 26th of February, 2010 Singer Fakir Alamgir was a guest at that night’s “Basudha Tomar Jonno Amar E Gaan,” a live music programme on Rtv. The show was aired at 11:30 pm that night.

He’d only turned 60 the previous day, 25th of February, 2010.

On the show, he went ahead to perform several of his well-known songs. He also willingly responded to the audience’s requests. The show was Hosted by Sayem,  and it is produced by Tanif Mahmud.

Fakir Alamgir Bio, Fakir Alamgir Biography, Fakir Alamgir Born, Fakir Alamgir Age, Fakir Alamgir Height, Fakir Alamgir Facts, Fakir Alamgir Family, Fakir Alamgir News, Fakir Alamgir Secrets, Fakir Alamgir Trivia, Fakir Alamgir Updates, Fakir Alamgir Song


Fakir Alamgir launched three books at the 2013  Ekushey book fair. Akash Prokashoni published the memoir âœAmar Kothaâ, Duronto Prokashoni published âœJara Achhen Hridoy Poteyâ and Genius Prokashoni published âœSmriti Alaponey Muktijuddhoâ

Emphasising the necessity of quality books, Alamgir observes that the expansion of space has been larger than the incoming flow of books that meet a certain standard. He also called for a better atmosphere at the fair to pull in more crowds.

Alamgir published his first book âœChena Chinâ in 1984, which was popular among the readers. His next publication was âœMuktijuddher Smriti Bijoyer Gaanâ, while the third, âœGono Sangeeter Otit O Bortomanâ, turned out to be a great hit in both Bangladesh and in Kolkata (India). So far, Alamgir has nine book titles under his name.

He started writing while completing his Masters in Journalism from Dhaka University. However, serious writing came much later in the ‘90s as Alamgir wrote for the dailies Ajker Kagoj and Bhorer Kagoj. He still continues to write for several national dailies regularly.

Alamgir believes that the ability to give book lovers more quality material to read is a great accomplishment for writers.

AWARDS of Fakir Alamgir

  • Ekushey Padak
  • Bhashani Padak
  • Sequence Award of Honour


In his long innings as an artist, Fakir has rendered his songs throughout the world and received many prestigious awards like Ekushey Padak, Bhashani Padak, Sequence Award of Honour. Here’s hoping Fakir will continue to entertain and move his audience for years to come.

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