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  • Name: Hamidur Rahman
  • Status: Bir Sreshtho of Bangladesh and a Liberation fighter.
  • Date of Birth: Born on 2nd of February 1953

Why Hamidur Rahman is Legend of Bangladesh?

Hamidur Rahman (2nd February 1953-28 October 1971) better known as Shaheed Sepoy Hamidur Rahman was a soldier in the army of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh Liberation War. Hamidur Rahman was killed on 28 October 1971 while trying to overrun a Pakistani Army position at Dhalai, Sylhet. The enemy position of interest was eventually captured by the advancing column of Mukti Bahini troops (East Bengal Regiment), seizing control of the Dhalai border outpost. The success of the operation was largely due to his efforts. Hamidur Rahman was awarded the Bir Sreshtho. He saved other soldiers and the whole country by lifelessness by paying the ultimate price.

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Early life of Hamidur Rahman

Hamidur was born on 2 February 1953 in Khardo Khalishpur village (Renamed Hamid Nagar) in Moheshpur thana police station of the Jhenaidah District. He was the oldest of all siblings in his family. In 1947 when the Partition of India was going on, the assets his parents owned fell in India, causing them to cross the border and settle in the border town of Khorda Khalishpur of Jhenaidah. He finished his primary education at Khalishpur primary school and afterward attended a local night school. He thereafter went on to join the East Bengal Regiment. On February 1971, he was assigned to EBR center in Chittagong Cantonment. Hamidur Rahman joined the Bangladesh Liberation war in 1971. On March 25, Hamidur Rahman decided to leave the cantonment to go back to his village, he then went on to join the Mukti Bahini which stood as the liberation force.

Involvement in Bangladesh Liberation War

The Dhalai border outpost where the Pakistani army was based became a point of interest due to its importance to the advancement of troops and supplies. It became the primary target of the freedom fighters; therefore capturing it was a priority. They advanced within range of the outpost during the attack by the Mukti Bahini liberation fighters but soon became an insurmountable problem due to the machine gun employed by the Pakistani army defending the outpost, firing tirelessly from the south-west corner of the compound. The C Company of the First East Bengal Regiment (EBR) where Hamidur Rahman was enlisted was the team assigned to the task of taking the outpost from the Pakistani army soldier there.

On the night of October 1971 three squads of Mukti Bahini liberation fighters consisting of 125 men discreetly moved into attacking position preparing to attack the outpost, they were on the brink of springing a surprise attack, when a landmine suddenly exploded alerting the defending Pakistani troops who started firing indiscriminately. The attacking squads, after several attempts to overrun the enemy position due to the machine fire, they decided to use grenades to clear the machine gun nests. The gun battle last for several hours, the liberation fighters was hindered due to the intense firing from LMG used by the enemy.

At a point it was a stalemate, Hamidur Rahman took it upon himself to attack the troops by throwing the grenades, he crawled through the hilly canals, he avoided being spotted as he crawled in the dark proceeding towards the machine gun nest, as soon as he got to the nest, he engaged the two machine gun operators killing both of them which rendered the gun inoperable. Unfortunately, Hamidur Rahman was shot in the leg and chest, he jumped into the other machine gun nest and engaged them in close combat fighting with the two other operators manning the LMG thereby killing them in the process and neutralizing the gun.

When the East Bengali Regiment troops (EBR) noticed that Hamidur Rahman had turned the tides of the battle by neutralizing the machine gun nest, they charged towards the enemy leading to the capture of the Pakistan troop’s first line of defense within a short period of time. After the capture of the Dhalai Border outpost from the Pakistani army, EBR troops found Hamidur Rahman’s lifeless body lying among the slain Pakistani troops which he had killed in the LMG nest. Shipahi Hamidur Rahman sacrifice helped the East Bengal Regiment take control of the Dhalai Border outpost.

The dead body of Hamidur Rahman was carried by the liberation fighters 30km inwards the city and was finally laid to rest at Aambasa in the Tripura Kingdom. A monument was later built at Dhalai border on the spot of his death.

27 October 2007, officials of the Bangladesh caretaker government decided to bring back the remains of Hamidur Rahman to Bangladesh and bury him right next to Bir Shrestho Maiur Rahman. It was speculated that the last place he was before his death was about 20 feet away from the Pakistani bunker or the hilly canal. On the 10th December 2007 the remains of Hamidur Rahman were brought back to Bangladesh and on 11 December 2007, he was reburied again at Buddhijibi Joborsthan cemetery in Dhaka.

Bir Sreshtho Medal

The Bir Sreshtho medal awarded is the highest Awarded in Bangladesh. The Bir Sreshtho is a military award of the Bangladesh military. After the independence of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh, the Bangladesh government in 1973 under Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s government recognized 7 freedom fighters as Bir Sreshtho for their supreme sacrifice in the liberation war., in recognition of his sacrifice in the War of Liberation he was bestowed upon the highest state award “Bir Sreshtho”. Hamidur Rahman was one of the 7 persons awarded amongst others.

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