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  • Name: Muzaffar Ahmed
  • Date of Birth: Born in 27th March 1936 age 76
  • Status: Bangladeshi Economist

Why Muzaffar Ahmed is Legend of Bangladesh?

Muzaffar Ahmed was born on 27th March 1936 and died on 22 May 2012; he was a Bangladeshi economist and an emeritus professor at the Institute of Business Administration of the University of Dhaka. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. He held several important positions such as the chairman of the Trustee Board of Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB). Ahmed was honored by the Government of Bangladesh with the Ekushey Padak in 2008.

Muzaffar Ahmed was also closely tied to an organization called “Sushashoner Jonno Nagarik”, well known as “Sujon” which preached the ethics of good governance. He was recognized as one most influential environmentalist in Bangladesh.

Early Life of Muzaffar Ahmed 

Muzaffar Ahmed was born on 27th March 1936, right from his childhood he was an extraordinary person and a brilliant student. He gained admission in the University of Dhaka to study economics. After the decision to further his education which he earned a scholarship for higher education at the Sorbonne in Paris from where he moved to the University of Chicago to further study and have a Ph.D.

He had the opportunity to be tutored by a Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman but was able to formulate his own ideology from free market theory.

Career of Muzaffar Ahmed 

Muzaffar Ahmed Bio, Muzaffar Ahmed Biography, Muzaffar Ahmed Born, Muzaffar Ahmed Age, Muzaffar Ahmed Death, Muzaffar Ahmed Height, Muzaffar Ahmed Facts, Muzaffar Ahmed Family, Muzaffar Ahmed News, Muzaffar Ahmed Secrets, Muzaffar Ahmed Trivia, Muzaffar Ahmed Updates,Then in 1965 Muzaffar Ahmed then traveled to Dhaka University in Bangladesh after bagging his Ph.D. he became a lecturer at the department of economics. He soon became noticed for his anti-establishment position, the then military dictator of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh Ayub Khan’s government and blacklisted him.

The school authorities of the University of Dhaka continued to maltreat and abuse Muzaffar Ahmed and others who stood against the government which put him intense pressure to leave the university which he did in 1967.

About a year later, Muzaffar Ahmed joined the East Pakistan Industrial Corporation in 1968 holding a very important position as the director of planning. During his period of leadership, he developed the industrial foundation of Bangladesh Overcoming many problems that seemed insurmountable from the influential non-Bengali industrialists.

Muzaffar Ahmed was then selected to make the members of Planning Commission set the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and prepared designed the first five-year plan. In the Mid 80s, Dr. Muzaffar Ahmed became a member of the Institute of Business Administration Dhaka University chapter as the group director. Muzaffar Ahmed developed the IBA to become of the best educational institutions in the whole of South Asia, which continued to maintain its reputation till date. He was elected in 1985 based on his qualities and achievements as the president of Bangladesh Economic Association.

Retirement of Muzaffar Ahmed

After he retired as a lecturer, Muzaffar Ahmed got himself busy in several civil rights movements. He became the leader of Bangladesh Paribesh Andolon (BAPA) and an environmentalist group that specialized in the fighting against river encroachment by land grabbers.

One of his students he thought during their MBA class final ‘Markets and Governance’ of economics 2001, gave his opinion on Professor Muzaffar Ahmed’s qualities and ability to see from all perspectives. The Class talked about the recent government decision on procurement plan to acquire paddy and wheat from framers across the country, and government decision to introduce fitness stickers to the dying three wheeler vehicles in Bangladesh, phasing most of them out of the capital Dhaka within a period of 6 months, explaining the effect of the government decisions on the market.

In the exact words of the student “There were other times over the semester when he had skipped his conferences and seminars when junior teachers said they were tied up elsewhere and would not be able make it to the class.

He never compromised on his duties as a teacher, a rarity at the business school. IBA students dreaded taking a course with this Chicago graduate. He would invariably have at least double the contact hours, and in turn cover a lot more material. Teeming with students bent on making a six-figure salary before they crossed 30, I thought Muzaffer Ahmad was pitching to a wrong crowd, really.

Muzaffar Ahmed Bio, Muzaffar Ahmed Biography, Muzaffar Ahmed Born, Muzaffar Ahmed Age, Muzaffar Ahmed Death, Muzaffar Ahmed Height, Muzaffar Ahmed Facts, Muzaffar Ahmed Family, Muzaffar Ahmed News, Muzaffar Ahmed Secrets, Muzaffar Ahmed Trivia, Muzaffar Ahmed Updates,

When a bunch of us got together at the end of the third semester unwilling to take any of the ‘hot’ majors, this man said, “Get me six willing students for development economics and leave the rest to me.” The administration had said there were no jobs for this major, there were no teachers, there were no classrooms available and so on. So Muzaffer Ahmad had them hire two teachers from outside and we took classes on the weekends — from almost right after ‘fajr’ till ‘maghrib’. The professor prayed five times a day.

That last semester at IBA was perhaps the most exciting academic journey of my life. From the first assignment to the final exam, I was not expected to regurgitate the texts. With every assignment I felt challenged. It was the first time I took interest in my studies.”

Muzaffar Ahmed was also very active as the chairman of the Transparency International group in Bangladesh, where the organization became very outspoken against the endemic corruption. As the leader and the voice of the “Shujon”, Muzaffar Ahmed became fearless and free from party affiliation in favor of better governance which favors the people.

For his contributions to Bangladeshi economic growth, Dr. Free from party affiliation was honored by the government of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh with Ekushey Padak in 2008. He was an emeritus professor at the Institute of Business Administration of the University of Dhaka

Professor Dr. Muzaffar Ahmed is among the leading all-time economists of Bangladesh. He made a tremendous impact in Bangladesh’s economic and educational development. As the chair of various civil rights groups, he led many civilian movements for national development.

Death of Muzaffar Ahmed 

On 22nd May 2012 the great scholar died of natural cause due to his old age.

Awards of Muzaffar Ahmed

  • Ekushey Padak

Books of Muzaffar Ahmed

Ahmed, Muzaffar; Sobhan, Rehman (1980). Public enterprise in an intermediate regime: a study in the political economy of Bangladesh. Bangladesh: Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies. OCLC 773118575.

Ahmed, Muzaffer (1981). Organizational framework, institutional relationships and management of public industrial enterprises: conference proceedings. New York: United Nations Industrial Development Organization. OCLC 10426398.

Ahmed, Muzaffer (2002). Investing in ourselves: giving and fund raising in Bangladesh. Manila, Philippines: Asian Development Bank. ISBN 9789715614498.


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