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  • Full name: Partha Barua
  • Birthdate: N/A
  • Birthplace: Chittagong, Bangladesh
  • Education: University of Chittagong
  • Occupation: Singer, Actor
  • Spouse (s): Ronu (Ranjana Barua)
  • Years active:1989-present
  • Religion: Hinduism
  • Zodiac sign: Virgo

Why Partha Barua is Legend of Bangladesh?

Partha Barua is recognized all over the country of Bangladesh and the world as a popular pop musician and actor. He is a member of the one of the oldest band team in the world called Souls. Partha Bartha is a celebrated singer in Bangladesh, well known among the young generation. Just as he has an amazing and blissful singing career, his has a flourishing acting career in the film industry of his country Bangladesh. He has featured in many popular and well-known dramas and cinemas projecting him to the limelight.

Early Life of Partha Barua

Partha Barua was born in the Chittagong district of Bangladesh, he lived his young and teenage years in the district, his mother taught at Bagmoniram S.K City Corporation School, he noticed his talent in music at quite a very tender age he was then enrolled to be taught by a music teacher which made him start learning music from home. Most a times, Partha Barua would display his musical talents by performing during school hours for friends and classmates and occasions taking place in school. He finished his SSC from Nasirbad Government High School. He then applied for admission and was afterward admitted at the University of Chittagong and then went on to become a graduate in English from the academic institution.

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Music Career of 

During his academic learning period at the University of Chittagong, Partha Barua displayed his musical talent by performing for Sangskritik Chattro Sangha. This event marked the beginning of his singing career. He then went on to join an indigenous local band called Message where he picked up interest in learning how to play the musical instrument such as the guitar and the keyboard. After some years with the Message, he then joined the worldwide famous and Bangladeshi celebrated musical band team called Souls. In the year 1989, he released his first music album with the Soul musical band team, from that moment onward, he has soared higher and higher in his career, releasing several other albums which will bring him further into the limelight. He net worth is over 700 million dollars in 2018 which includes stocks, properties and luxury items such as yachts and private jets. Partha Barua is known to be one of the best musical artists in his country Bangladesh.

Souls band of Partha Barua

Souls is a Bangladeshi rock band. It came into existence in Chittagong and they later moved it to Dhaka. Former members include Tapan Chowdhury, Ayub Bachchu, and Nakib Khan. It is known to be one of the oldest pop bands in Bangladesh created in 1970.

In 1977 and the following year, Nasim Ali Khan and Ayub Bachchu joined. The band began writing and composing their own songs, and still also performed cover songs of foreign bands in hotels.

In 1980, they released their first track album titled the Super the Souls, the album was one of the first albums released by a music group in Bangladesh. The Super the souls contains songs ‘Mon Shudhu Mon Chuyeche’. The Kumar Bishwajit song ‘Torey Putuler Moto Kore Shakiye’ is one of the songs from their debut album. The soundtracks in the album ‘Super the Souls’ ‘Mukhorito Jibon’ and ‘Voole Gecho Tumi’ were composed by Abdullah Al Mamoon.

The Souls band released their second album called ‘Colleger Er Corridorey’ which comprises the soundtracks ‘College Er 1Corridorey’,’Forest Hill Er’, ‘Football Football’, ‘Khujisg Jaharey’, and ‘Paharer AkaBaka’. Right after the release of ‘College Er Corridorey’, two lead singers and instrumentalists Nakib Khan and Pilu Khan resigned their position from the band, forming their band Renaissance.

A rejuvenated Souls band was created in 1987, releasing their third album titled Manush Matir Kacha Kachi, which contained the soundtracks ‘Eltoh Ekhane Brishti Bheja’, ‘Ek Jhaak Paahi’, and ‘Muthor Bhetor Poddo’.

They produced and released their fourth album titled ‘East and West’ in 1988, which contained mixed songs of English and Bengali songs, 6 English and 6 Bengali soundtracks.

In 1993, the band produced and released their fifth album called E Emon Porichoy, one of the members of the band Tapan Chowdhury’s left after this album release to start off on his own. Chowdhury was the lead singer of the band until he left and was thereafter replaced by Parha Baura to lead the group.

Partha then led the band to release their sixth album titled Aj Din Katuk Gaane which featured popular songs ‘Keno Ei Nisshongota’ sung by Parth Barua and two other tracks titled ‘Bestota’ and ‘Chaa=er Cup=e’ performed by Naseem Ali.

Partha Barua Bio, Partha Barua Biography, Partha Barua Born, Partha Barua Age, Partha Barua Height, Partha Barua Facts, Partha Barua Family, Partha Barua News, Partha Barua Secrets, Partha Barua Trivia, Partha Barua Updates, Partha Barua Song,

Acting Career of Partha Barua

Despite his excellence in his musical career, he is also doing well in his acting career too; he acted in many dramas and television series. He featured in many well-known Bangladeshi shows such as ‘FnF’ that was produced and released in 2010. The story of this drama serial revolves around Mr. Patwary and children, all living in the urbanised and developing city of Dhaka, along with their loving family and friends. There are other television series known across the country his appeared in e.g. ’50 50’, A journey by love, Cinema and P, O Box. Partha Barua also featured in a cinema named Aynabaji that was produced and release in 2016, a psychological thriller movie directed by Amitabh Reza.

Partha Barua Personal Life

Partha Barua is happily married to Ronu Ranjana Barua. Partha Barua and his wife are blessed with a child whom they called Rupa. He also married to actress Srabnti with love but the union did not last very long till it broke off, after a few days after their union they got divorced.

Discography Albums

  • E Emon Porichoy (1993) by Bengal music
  • Aaj Din Katok Gane (1995)
  • Trirotner Khepa (1998)
  • Osomoyer Gaan (1997)
  • Mukhorito Jibon (2000)
  • Tarar Uthane (2001)
  • To – Let (2003)
  • Jhut Jhamela (2004)
  • Kingbodonti- Souls & Dhalchot (2009)
  • Somoy are Katena – Best of Partha Barua
  • Kusum Kusom Prem – with James
  • jam (2012)
  • Notable songs
  • Aaj tumake proyojon
  • Eito Sedin
  • Ei buke amar
  • Abhimani
  • Ami aar bhabbona
  • Aager janam
  • Ayojon
  • “Bangladesh”
  • Bondho hoye geche'”
  • Bristy jhorano
  • Bhaste chai
  • Chai naa tumar prem
  • Dekha hobe bondhu
  • Dokhina hawa
  • Dhukho ki are
  • Du chokhe bonna
  • Bashi”
  • Ebabe Jodi
  • Ebabe jacce to din
  • Fele Asha
  • Fire asho bondu
  • Ghashful
  • Hridoyer canvas
  • Hridoyhina
  • Hazar borsha raat
  • Icche gulo
  • Janina
  • Jodi himaloy
  • Jhol kumari
  • Khelar putul
  • Koto kathkhor
  • Miss korchi
  • Mone rakhbar moto
  • Moner akash
  • Nirobe kado
  • Nishongota
  • Oviman naa korini
  • Onekta somoy
  • Osanto hridoy
  • Palai
  • Paye Paye by DJ Rahat
  • Pothik
  • Pothik 2
  • Rim jhim jhim
  • Sei kobe
  • Shopno sobai dekhe
  • Shoron koro
  • Somoy aar kate na
  • Shusmita
  • Tumar jonno aronno
  • Tumay Ami
  • Uronchandi
  • Valobasha more jaay
  • FilmographyTV Drama / Teleflim
  • Made in Chittagong(Griho Juddho) (2013)
  • Made in Chittagong (2012)
  • FnF (2010)
  • Shesh dui din
  • A journey by love
  • Lov u Krishtina
  • Cinema
  • P,O Box
  • Shahortolir Alo
  • Shada Alo, Shada Kalo
  • Tomai Vebe Lekha
  • 50 50
  • Illusion
  • Film
  • Aynabaji (2016)


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