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  • Name: Runa Laila
  • Date of Birth: November 17, 1952
  • Place of Birth: Chittagong, Bangladesh
  • Educational Profile: Bulbul Academy of Fine Arts
  • Profession: Singer
  • Genres: Ghazal, Fusion Music, Pop
  • Professional Years: 1969 to continue
  • Spouse: Alamgir
  • Religion: Islam

Why Runa Laila is Legend of Bangladesh?

Runa Laila is the best overall worldwide famous singer from Bangladesh. She is best known for pop, playback, and modern songs in Bangladesh. Runa Laila started functioning as playback singer before freedom war of Bangladesh. Runa is particularly famous in South Asia; Runa’s tune Dam Mast Qalandar is extremely popular in Pakistan. Runa persistently singing songs for five decades in different languages including Hindi, Urdu, and English, she additionally influenced Guinness World to record. Besides being an easily recognized name in her nation of origin, Bangladesh, she is acclaimed in neighboring India and Pakistan as well. She is additionally notable among the Asian countries everywhere throughout the world, including the United States, Europe and the Middle East and the Far East.

Family Background of Runa Laila

Runa Laila’s dad Amdad Ali was a child of Rajshahi who finished Master’s in Islamic History from Kolkata University. Her dad began a career in Kolkata where she met with a singer Amita Sen, being pulled in with this woman begin to look all starry eyed at and fall in love with her. They wedded in 1947 after romance. Runa Laila was conceived in this family on November 17, 1952.

Early Education in Fine Arts

At her initial youth, Runa Laila was admitted to Bulbul Academy of Fine Arts by the mother for learning dancing yet she was pulled in by music in particular.

Runa Laila Learning of Classical Music

Runa Laila began learning classical Runa music at an early age and got incredible training from Ustad Habibiddin Khan. She made her first open presentation as an artist at six years old and cut her first circle for a Pakistani film called “Jugnu” at twelve years old. Runa’s profession as an artist started coincidentally. It was her senior sister Dina who initially got the break, however upon the arrival of her performance, she built up a sore throat and Runa was requested to sing the song. She was little to the point that she couldn’t hold the ‘tenpura’. She held it on a horizontally and sang a ‘kheyal’. What’s more, she turned into a moment hit.

Extraordinary Performance in Singing

She had loitered around her senior sister Dina Laila amid her music rehearse. She could catch effectively any song’s tune, in a split second started to sing the tune simply just listen to it. Runa’s parents being overpowered seen her ability; sent her to learn music alongside senior sister Dina Laila.

Completion of SSC and HSC

Runa passed SSC in 1968 with the top of the line, in 1970, passed HSC with a second class.

Runa Laila Starting of Professional Career

Runa Laila Bio, Runa Laila Biography, Runa Laila Born, Runa Laila Age, Runa Laila Height, Runa Laila Facts, Runa Laila Family, Runa Laila News, Runa Laila Secrets, Runa Laila Trivia, Runa Laila Updates, Runa Laila SongRuna Laila started the professional career with a stage show in Dhaka at an age of 6 where she found the opportunity in light of her senior sister Dian’s powerlessness to sing. Unquestionably, she didn’t miss this golden chance, she fulfilled to all gathering of people by singing performance. When she was 9 years of age, Radio Pakistan organized an inter-school music competition yet coordinators did not have any desire to give her chance, a reason for being an English medium student.

Runa Laila Performance on Stage and TV

Runa Laila has likewise earned wide popularity for her stage and TV extraordinary performance, uniquely in Pakistan, where Runa Laila is considered as their own. She has been enormously prevalent with film goers also in that nation. She has had her own TV series fortnightly in Pakistan called Bazme-Laila which had been generally acclaimed by critics and gathering of people. She showed up in the prominent Pakistan series Yes Sir – No Sir in which she turned out to be a capable match to Moen Akhtar, the praised host of the talk shows.

Runa Laila Performance by Singing Gazle

Notwithstanding, she got an opportunity to sing confronted different inconveniences, appropriately utilized the chances, grabbed the principal prize by singing a Gazle.

Runa Laila Early career as Playback Singer

Runa Laila Bio, Runa Laila Biography, Runa Laila Born, Runa Laila Age, Runa Laila Height, Runa Laila Facts, Runa Laila Family, Runa Laila News, Runa Laila Secrets, Runa Laila Trivia, Runa Laila Updates, Runa Laila SongShe made her introduction as a playback artist in Pakistan period by singing for the motion picture Zugnu. Runa likewise acted in a film named Shilpi with her husband Alamgir. She won various prizes including National Film Awards four times.

The performance with Pakistani Writer

Runa Laila gave voice in numerous tunes of Pakistani writer Nisa Bajmi. The author and music director had made different songs by Runa. Next, an association of Mumbai arranged had Runa Laila sing-songwriter of Nisar Bajmi.

Getting of Guinness World Record

Regularly Runa records ten songs of a writer, in three days she recorded aggregate 30 songs. At that point as a world record, she put in the Guinness World Records Book.

Marriage of Runa Laila

Runa Laila Bio, Runa Laila Biography, Runa Laila Born, Runa Laila Age, Runa Laila Height, Runa Laila Facts, Runa Laila Family, Runa Laila News, Runa Laila Secrets, Runa Laila Trivia, Runa Laila Updates, Runa Laila SongRuna Laila got married three times only one short from another well-known singer Sabina Yasmin. At initially, she wedded to Khawaja Javed Kaiser, also wedded a Swiss native named Ron Daniel. At last, Runa wedded to Bangladeshi celebrated on-screen actor Alamgir where has a girl Akhi Alamgir, a Bangladeshi heartthrob singer.


Learning of Kathak and Bharatanatyam Genre

Laila was conceived in Sylhet to her parents Syed Mohammed Imdad Ali, a government employee posted in Karachi, and Amina Laila. She began taking dance classes of Kathak and Bharatanatyam genre.

Learning of Traditional Music with Sister

She at that point learned traditional music with her senior sister Dina Laila (d. 1976). She and her sister went to school in Karachi.

The popularity of Ahmed Rushdi

Back then, Ahmed Rushdi was driving film music as he presented hip-hop, rock n roll and other modern genres in South Asian music and has from that point forward been embraced in Bangladesh, India and of late Nepal as a pioneering impact in their particular pop societies. Following Rushdi’s prosperity, Christian bands spend significant time in jazz began performing at different nightclubs and lodging lobbies in Karachi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Dhaka, and Lahore.

Entry into Hindi Film Industry

Runa was an overnight hit when she made an outstanding performer entry into the Hindi filmdom with her Ek Se Badkar Ek which she sang for the film Ek Se Badkar Ek in 1974. Music sweethearts all finished India were swinging to the rhythmic beat of Dama Dam Mast Qalandar. Her songs in Gharonda, which was released later, likewise ran down extremely well with Indian group of audience. After that, she pulled back from Bombay, yet stayed well known in the south Asian nation.

Hollywood of East

She has since made incidental raids to the “Hollywood of the East” to make albums, all of which ended up being smash hits. Her toe-tapping “Super-Runa”, which she cut for EMI Music Company alongside Bappi Lahiri, has won her gold and platinum circles. She recorded “Loves of Runa Laila”, with praised movie music performance of Pakistan Nayyar which has gone twofold platinum. She has recorded in some more Hindi movies since including “Jane-Bahar”, “Sapan Ka Mandir” and the Amitabh Bachchan featured “Agni Path”.

Considering of Ahmed Rushdi as Guru by Runa Laila

She turned into an aficionado of artist Ahmed Rushdi whom she thought about her master as a teacher and endeavored to copy his singing style as well as the way he used to perform on the stage.

Breakthrough Career in Different Movies

In 1966, Laila made her breakthrough with the song “Unki Nazron Sey Mohabbat Ka Jo Paigham Mila” for the film Hum Dono. She used to perform on PTV. Laila began showing up on the ‘Zia Mohyuddin Show’ (1972– 74) and later did songs for films in the 1970s, for example, the film Umrao Jan Ada (1972). In 1974, she recorded “Shaader Lau” in Kolkata. She additionally had her first show in India in 1974 in Mumbai.

Career in Bollywood

Runa Laila Bio, Runa Laila Biography, Runa Laila Born, Runa Laila Age, Runa Laila Height, Runa Laila Facts, Runa Laila Family, Runa Laila News, Runa Laila Secrets, Runa Laila Trivia, Runa Laila Updates, Runa Laila SongShe began in Bollywood with director Jaidev, whom she met in Delhi, who encouraged her and got her the opportunity to play at the introduction of Doordarshan. She initially worked with the music composer Kalyanji-Anandji for the title song of a motion picture called Ek Se Badhkar Ek. Lata Mangeshkar gave her gifts to Laila amid the chronicle of the song. She picked up prominence in India with the songs “O mera babu chail chabila” and “Dama Dam Mast Qalandar”.

Releasing of Famous Punjabi Song “Kala Sha Kala”

In October 2009, she released Kala Sha Kala, an accumulation of Punjabi wedding songs, in India. In 2012, Laila served as a judge on the show Sur Kshetra, an Indian TV challenge show for novice singers. She portrayed her association with kindred judge Asha Bhosle as that of sisters.

The performance with Sabina Yasmin

In 2014, she teamed up with Sabina Yasmin on a song for a TV play “Dalchhut Projapoti”, the first occasion when they sing a song together.

Singing Performance in 17 Languages

in Runa has sung in seventeen languages including her local Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Gujarati, Pashto, Baluchi, Arabic, Persian, Malay, Nepalese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, French and English.

Performance in Different countries

Runa has flown out to a few parts of the world to give her performance. She has had shows in North America and Canada ordinarily and had given presentations at the Kennedy Center in Washington and at the Lincoln Center and Madison Square Gardens in New York. In London, Royal Albert Hall, Wembley Arena and Wembley Conference Center have been settings for her fruitful projects commonly. She has likewise performed in numerous different parts of the world, including Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Nepal, Malaysia, Holland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sweden, Oman, Doha, India, and Pakistan. She has likewise completed a great deal of philanthropy shows everywhere throughout the world for a few beneficial purposes.

Runa Laila Bio, Runa Laila Biography, Runa Laila Born, Runa Laila Age, Runa Laila Height, Runa Laila Facts, Runa Laila Family, Runa Laila News, Runa Laila Secrets, Runa Laila Trivia, Runa Laila Updates, Runa Laila Song

Sister death in 1976 from Cancer Disease

After her sister died in 1976 from cancer disease, Laila held a few philanthropy shows in Dhaka. The cash raised was utilized to construct a cancer hospital in Dhaka for the facility of the people. Runa Laila was named a SAARC Goodwill Ambassadors for HIV/AIDS. She is the principal Bangladeshi to hold this post. She went to New Delhi in 2013 on her first excursion as SAARC minister. She met India’s External and Health Ministers.


  • Runa Laila-Kala Siah Kala (2010)
  • Runa Laila – Moods & Emotions (2008)
  • Bazm-E-Laila
  • The Loves of Runa Laila
  • Ganga Amar Ma Padma Amar Ma-Runa Laila
  • Superuna (1982)
  • Runa Goes Disco (1982)
  • Runa Sings Shahbaz Qalandar (1982)
  • Geet / Ghazals (1976)
  • Runa in Pakistan (Geet) (1980)
  • Runa in Pakistan (Ghazals) (1980)
  • Sincerely Yours- Runa Laila
  • I Love to Sing for You- Runa Laila

Film Songs

Films in Pakistan

  • Commander(1968)- “Jaan-E-Mann Itna Bata Do Mohabbat, Mohabbat Hai Kya” music by Master Abdullah
  • Hum Dono(1966)-Her debut super-hit film song “Unki Nazron Se Mohabbat Ka Jo Paigham Mila” music by Nashad
  • Anjuman(1970)-“Hoey Hoey Dil Dharkay Mein Yeh Kaisay Kahoon” music by Nisar Bazmi
  • Umrao Jaan Ada(1972)-“Kaatey Na Katay Rattia Sayyan Intezar Ki” music by Nisar Bazmi
  • Man Ki Jeet(1972)- “Dinwa Dinwa Mein Ginuun, Kab Aeingay Sanwaria” music by M Ashraf
  • Ehsaas(1972)- “Hamein Kho Kar Bahut Pachhtao Gay Jab Hum Nahin Haun Gay” music by Robin Ghosh
  • Dilruba(1975)- “Chhanak Gaii Paayal Tau Kya Hoga” A duet song with Masood Rana, Runa Laila- music by M Ashraf
  • Zaildar(1972) A Punjabi language film -“Do Dil Ik Doojay Kolon Duur Ho Gaey” music by Ghulam Ahmed Chishti

Films in India

  • Phir Subah Hogi
  • Gharaonda(1977)
  • Ek Se Badhkar Ek(1976) (Dama Dam Mast Qalandar)
  • Jaan-e-Bahaar(1979)
  • Yaadgaar (1984)
  • Ghar Dwaar (1985)
  • Agneepath(1990)
  • Sapnon Ka Mandir(1991)

Films in Bangladesh

  • Shwaralipi
  • Dui Jibon
  • Antore Antore
  • The Rain
  • Beder Meye Josna
  • Kayamat Theke Kayamat Porjonto
  • Sopner Nayok
  • Sottyer Mrittyu Nei
  • Meghla Akash
  • Megher Koley Rod
  • Hridoyer Badhon
  • Niyoti

Awards and Achievement

  • Radio Mirchi Music Award presented by Radio Mirchiat Nazrul Mancha in Kolkata (2015)
  • Independence Day Award, Bangladesh
  • Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Female Playback Singer(1976, 1977, 1989, 1992, 2012)
  • National Film Awards (Bangladesh)– best singers (female) 2015.
  • Shelteck Award, Bangladesh
  • Lux Channel I Lifetime Performance Award, Bangladesh
  • Saigal Award, India
  • Nigar Award, Pakistan (1968, 1970)
  • Critics Award, Pakistan
  • Graduate Award, Pakistan (twice)
  • National Council of Music Award- Gold Medal, Pakistan

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